• 1 One Film...Many Benefits
  • 1 Chip Power Consumption
    Gate leakage reduction of up to 50%.
  • 2 Chip Performance
    Current drive increase of 10%-20%.
  • 3 Chip Variability
    Vt variability reduction > 50% = higher manufacturing yields and lower costs.
  • 4 Project 4
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Introducing Our Company


MEARS Technologies, Inc. is a US‐based engineered materials company focused on the development and commercialization of products based on its proprietary electronic materials platform. The company’s unique abilities to generate new breakthrough material designs and assemble atoms into deliberately useful structures, opens the door to engineered materials with a phenomenal spectrum of possible properties that can become the core of a new generation of electronic devices.

MEARS is currently pursuing opportunities in the $300+ billion silicon‐based global Semiconductor Industry through licensing proprietary reengineered silicon products that meaningfully reduce power consumption, improve performance and reduce manufacturing costs, thereby delivering significant benefits to manufacturers and electronic device end‐users.

MEARS Silicon is the first MST™ Material developed by the Company, and MST™ CMOS (MEARS Silicon Technology for CMOS) the first product designed around this new material.

The Company has engaged in MST™ CMOS demonstration and evaluation programs with several of the world’s Top 10 semiconductor manufacturers and R&D facilities. For further details please refer to the News link. These programs have confirmed that using MST™ CMOS, both transistors types ‐‐ nMOS and pMOS ‐‐ can be scaled smaller, made faster and/or more energy efficient and are expected to be more reliable on a low‐cost, industrial scale using familiar equipment already employed by many in the Semiconductor Industry, without the need for exotic new materials.

Platform Technology


The MEARS proprietary electronic materials platform is based on a new class of patent protected engineered materials the Company refers to as MEARS Silicon Technology™ (MST) Materials. MST™ Materials can be designed and engineered to offer unique physical properties that make them potentially valuable in certain applications. These materials have engineered electrical or other characteristics fundamentally different to those subsisting naturally in a given material. Dr. Mears believes that the significance of MST™ Materials and their impact on industry may exceed that of all his previous work in the field of Photonics.


In 2001, Dr. Robert J. Mears, a pioneer in the fields of Photonics, Computational Materials science, and Nanofabrication technologies, founded the company to pursue commercial applications for such materials.

While still a Ph.D. student, Dr. Mears pioneered optical fiber rare-earth doped lasers and amplifiers, including the erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA - US Patent US4955025). The invention of the EDFA in the mid-1980s was a very significant industry event because it was the key enabling technology behind the current and continuing explosive growth of global communication bandwidth.

The reengineering of silica optical fiber fundamentally changed the optical properties of the material, thereby removing the bottleneck of having to convert an optical signal back into an electronic signal every few tens of kilometers. The EDFA enabled the capacity (bandwidth) of optical communications systems to be increased by a factor of a thousand, one of the single greatest leaps in the history of communications.



Semiconductor Industry

Computer chips are at the heart of the $1.4 trillion global electronics industry and the heart of the computer chip is the silicon CMOS transistor. Today, a leading edge microprocessor contains an astounding one billion (1,000,000,000) transistors. By contrast, when the first microprocessors appeared in the 1970’s they contained a few thousand transistors, packed into much the same area. Read more...



The global electronics industry continues to grow, rapidly fueled by consumer demand and the pervasive computing megatrend. In turn, driven by the massive economic opportunities created by the insatiable demands of the electronics industry for more powerful, better integrated, greener, and smaller chips, the semiconductor industry continues to find the means to move forward with More Moore. MEARS is working to help realize the vision of a Smarter and Greener Planet through materials that facilitate the semiconductor industry's ability to continue to extend the Silicon CMOS Roadmap. Read more...